All three of our churches can provide a beautiful setting for the baptism (christening) of your new baby. Baptism is the ceremony which starts a person off in their Christian Pilgrimage. Parents and godparents make vows on behalf of the baby and promise to bring him or her up in the Christian faith. Baptisms can take place during one of our regular Sunday services or at a special service if that is more appropriate for your family.
We also baptise adults who have come to the Christian faith later in life. This would normally be linked to a course of study leading to Confirmation.


Confirmation is the ceremony performed by the Bishop where candidates makes their vows of commitment to the Christian faith for themselves and are then admitted as full adult members of the Church of England. This is for people who have been baptised as infants as well as those who have come to faith in later life.
For further details, please see the contact list and contact the churchwardens in the first instance. Thank you.