Churches in this Benefice follow the C of E safeguarding policy


Letter for June  2020                 
Dear friends     
'Openings?' The latest UK Government Covid strategy raises the possibility of our Churches being open again in July (which seems such a long way off!). Mean time while Church buildings remain closed for public worship in line with Government advice, the Bishops have agreed in principle to a phased approach to lifting restrictions, in time and in parallel with the Government’s approach, with three broad stages as infection levels improve:
 1. An initial immediate phase allowing very limited access to church buildings for activities such as streaming of services or private prayer by clergy in their own parishes, so long as the necessary hygiene and social distancing precautions are taken
2. Subsequently access for some rites and ceremonies when allowed by law, observing appropriate physical distancing and hygiene precautions
3. Worship services with limited congregations meeting, when Government restrictions are eased to allow this

In Mark 10:25 we learnt ”It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”. This bible verse speaks a lot to me in the current times. The coronavirus has wreaked terrible tragedy and suffering, but here and there are snippets of encouragement to be found in non-material things: ·         

It is great to see an increase in the number of people walking, running and cycling along the lanes / footpaths in the Parish ·         

The absence of traffic has improved our air quality and generally restored an amount of tranquillity ·   

The use of technology has enabled our benefice services to be recorded and ironically made more widely available (we hope you have enjoyed them so far) ·        

 The debt to and admiration for our key workers reminds us of what we ought all value 

So these are simple pleasures shared, core values and beliefs expressed – what's not to like? In my own context there has been an opportunity to better appreciate my family and think about my role as a Father – who knew that if you spend all your time in the office you may miss out on 'being Dad'? So when, slowly we begin to emerge from coronavirus I hope I will remember the additional time I spent getting to better know my sons through bed time stories, junk modelling, bike rides and dog walks (and yes working the churchyard together). Since the retirement of Reverend Wendy Carter we are in a period known as a Vacancy (prior to the appointment of a new Priest in Charge for the Benefice) and to that end please may I ask everyone to take the opportunity to consider what our community needs from its Church and what role you can play in making it thrive.  
Sam Clark, Church Warden
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