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August 2022 Letter

Dear Friends,  

As a child it would mean long lazy days of summer holidays ahead. Time for relaxing, freedom to rest from the usual things, and having fun with family and friends. But I also know as an adult that it can be the most expensive time of the year,  and add additional pressures to already tight budgets. It can  mean extra child care fees, more food bills, and even the occasional summer treats –( who knew ice creams had become so expensive!) can almost break the bank. 

Somehow though August does seem to take on a different pace, - and I do strive to recognise this and find a moment or two to slow down and appreciate the summer.  God approves of this I’m sure as we find reference in the Psalms. 

God doesn’t take a holiday – but encourages us to stop our busyness for a while and know him more nearly and more clearly.  Psalm 46 verse 10 says: 
Be still and know that I am God

This Psalm is often used to take the reader to a place of quietness within themselves, a way of finding rest that the mind, body and spirit need. It’s God’s encouragement to take a holiday or Holy Moment as it were. ‘Be still’ is translated in the Hebrew as ‘Let go’. This suggests that we can allow God to take the reins of our life instead of trying to keep control for ourselves. The interesting thing is as we let go, little by little even, we can find ourselves freed from the constant stresses and anxieties that plague us. 

So, whether you have days of sun and leisure ahead, or additional challenges and pressures, God is there for you, - why not ‘be still  and let it go, with God’. 
And whatever you do this August may you have a wonderful and blessed time.    

Reverend Su Tarran   

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