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August 2021 Parish Letter

Dear Friends, 
The summer season has arrived, and we have experienced sun, rain, cold spells, warm and sometimes hot spells and so reminded me of the book of Genesis which tells about the creation, what God has done, beginning with the affirmation that God created the universe and ends with a promise that God will continue to show His concern for His people.
As I look out of our patio doors, I can see the birds feeding their newly fledged chicks which is an indication of new life, the beauty of the flowers and shrubs, busy bees, fresh cut grass and a sense of wonderment at God’s provision and all that He created for our enjoyment. The Pet service at St, James, has been postponed but the service on 15th August at St. Mary’s Gilston at 11.15am, when we will give thanks for all the pets that share our lives, will be held.  

As we constantly give thanks to God for so many opportunities to share His goodness, we enjoyed coming together as a community to remember Jo Cox and to start the process of preparing the decorations for the forthcoming Scarecrow Festival that is to be held in High Wych this coming September. A grateful thanks to all who enjoyed the fellowship and working together on this occasion. 

As I write this letter, we are still in a state of lockdown during this covid pandemic crisis, and we are very mindful of the affects it has had on so many. We thank once again our NHS and all who have assisted in many ways in providing help to so many at this time of uncertainty, and for those recovering in or out of hospital, and please continue to pray for healing and comfort for those who have lost loved ones. The restrictions placed on us are due to be lifted and some normality to our life structure is to be implemented, which will restore family connections and our ability to interact with friends and neighbours once more. But let us not forget that covid has not gone away and that we must still be mindful and take care of self and others. Once more God provides and cares for us all, and we must never forget His love and protection. 

August is the time of the year when many are taking or thinking about holidays. It has been a difficult time to be doing so this year but with the lifting of travel restrictions many of you will be making plans, perhaps not going to other countries but staying here in our beautiful country. The children have long summer holidays, families need time for relaxation and what’s better than spending time with loved ones. Enjoying the wonderment of His creation. Keep safe and healthy and catch up on the times that have been missing during this difficult time.    

In the church’s year, we are in the season of Trinity. Christians believe in One God, but they believe he exists in three parts or ‘persons’ These are the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit known collectively as the Trinity. The Trinity is first mentioned in Genesis as part of the creation story, where all three persons of the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are present. Today it is mentioned during many Christian ceremonies and is a central belief of Christianity. 

The Father- the creator of everything-the sustainer of all -transcendent The gospel narratives reveal that God the Son came into the world in the person of Jesus, who is:- 
The Son-both fully divine and fully human-immanent-personal and so understands human suffering- a model for Christian behaviour-The Saviour Importantly, the Gospel of John makes clear that Jesus has always been God’s son, even from before his birth: 
The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is the guiding part of the Trinity, Christians believe the Holy Spirit is – A presence of God in the world today, as stated in the gospel of John: I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you for ever-the Spirit of truth (John 14:16-17) -the immanent part of God guiding the church-a source of strength, courage and wisdom. 

Always perhaps a difficult aspect to understand but central to our faith. The love of God, who made all things, keep us steadfast in prayer and faith, in happiness and sorrow and on the pathway of the journey of life.   
  Many Blessings to you all.  Roger    (Reader)